What do I do?

I Provide a holistic wellness experience with a multitude of complementary modalities you can choose from to meet your special needs. I take every detail of your life, diet, aches, stiffness, feelings, and any other data you can give me, and put together a comprehensive set of recommendations and opportunities that you can incorporate into your life overtime on your own or through phone check in’s continued sessions  or a combination of both.

What is Complementary Health Care?

My approach to complementary and integrative care is the goal of living on a healthy nutritive diet, exercise, and hygiene that will create the ideal internal conditions for healthy and vibrant cells and minimize and/or eliminate the need for continuous artificial intake or treatments.  We will strive to get you completely dependable on yourself alone to keep you in tip top health.  To accomplish this I encourage full integration of eastern modalities, western modalities, and everything in between all at the same time. 

Why do Holistic Health Care?

With holistic health care you are looking at all the factors involved in being healthy, including environmental and social elements.  We don’t just look at the symptoms you are experiencing, but search for the cause that created that symptom in the first place  Maybe you just need help counter acting side effects from western medicine.  Maybe your physical problem is being caused by stress from relationships or work environments that can be mitigated.  Maybe you need help getting to the peak of your performance ability.  Or maybe you just want to try something new and relax.  Weather it is one of those or all of the above, or something else, complementary wellness covers everything you need to reach a balanced healthy lifestyle as part of your already existing life.

What is the First Session/Intake/Consultation?

Everyone is encourage to start by ordering a Interdisciplinary & Complementary Wellness Report/Plan/Consultation. It only costs $5 and sets up Your first session.  All you have to do is fill out our online form, and we can schedule a short phone interview.  You will receive your report/plan by email or mail.  The first full session may take a little longer because of intake questions.  There may be additional phone interviews and some additional questions to answer by e-mail after your initial questionnaire is complete (see getting started).  We will sit down and discuss your needs and options and create a plan and write it down, answer any other questions, and then start treatments.

What is it Like During a Typical Session?

A typical session lasts for a couple of hours.  We discuss and select a few modalities that fit your needs, and sit down to check in on how you have been since your last session.  An example session could include an hour and a half of Pranic Massage, an hour of Frequency Generation Conduction, discuss your Targeted Nutrition, diet and supplement intake, an hour Detox Foot Bath, do some Breathing and Meditation, and give any other recommendations  or ideas.

What About Follow Up and Questions?

As a client you can call anytime for questions or recommendations on your current situation as it pertains to integrating holistic preventative wellness into your lifestyle.


Although I support you as a wellness practitioner, I am not here to be your coach, guide, herbalist, personal trainer or doctor. I cannot dispense medical advice, prescribe drugs or diagnose any illness or disease.  I do not treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any type of health problem, disease, illness, ailment or condition. My goal is to empower you to be able to make smart choices about your health on your own.  I do not substitute for informed medical care by a licensed physician.  With complementary health care I  fully encourage you to always consult your doctor or licensed medical professional with any questions you have regarding all health concerns.

Jay Adwaita Das (Blas Jacob Cabrera)

Wellness Support Practitioner

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